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UpSkill Works Forum

The UpSkill Houston initiative’s UpSkill Works Forum Series presents conversations with regional business, education and community leaders, policy makers and high-profile thought leaders on the key workforce issues the greater Houston region confronts. The series supports and advances the initiative’s work to help employers identify the key skills they need for workers to be successful, provide relevant information about careers and pathways, and drive effective career guidance. 

Future of Work

Building a highly skilled workforce is critical to strengthening and supporting Houston’s global competitiveness and to improving economic opportunity for its residents. These thought leader conversations highlight research, tools and practices that inform workforce development decisions. 

Digital Skills: Powering Houston's Future!

General Assembly's Tom Ogletree discusses the organization's pioneering approach to education and career transformation focused on in-demand business skills in coding, data analytics, project management, a...


Blazing New Frontiers: The Untapped Potential of Apprenticeships

Harvard Business School's Joseph B. Fuller and Accenture's Mary Beth Gracy explore the apprenticeship as an underutilized tool for developing talent for a broad scope of industries and job roles while clos...


America's Indispensable Institutions - The Role of Community Coll...

Tamar Jacoby, president of think tank Opportunity America, joins Peter Beard, Greater Houston Partnership senior vice president of regional workforce development, for an UpSkill Works Forum exploring Oppor...


Are We Ready For the Future of Work?

How do American workers view the economy? What do they think about the skills they have and about obtaining more? Working Nation President Jane Oates and Greater Houston Partnership Vice President of Regio...


Upgrading Career Prospects for Houston's Middle-Skill Workforce

Guests Marcela Escobari and Ian Seyal, of the Brookings Institution's Workforce of the Future initiative, talk with the Partnership's Peter Beard about reskilling opportunities and mobility.


Skills Matter

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a fundamental change in the education and skills needed to be successful in today’s dynamic economy. These discussions with employers, researchers and educators underscore the skills workers need today and will need in the future, and how these skills can be identified, developed and demonstrated.

Unlock Opportunity for America's Workers Through Education & Life...

Guild Education's Employer Solutions Principal Matthew Daniel and Peter Beard, Greater Houston Partnership senior vice president of regional workforce development, discuss how employers can make education ...


Understanding Skills to Navigate the Changing Nature of Work

Greg Hambrick, of Fast Forward Works; Dr. Fred Oswald, professor and director of graduate studies of Rice University School of Social Sciences' Dr. Fred Oswald; and Mandy Williams, aka "Black," of RED+BLAC...


Career Coaching to Support Workers & Learners

Career counselors and educators are instrumental in helping individuals make informed career decisions. These conversations present data, tools and information educators, career counselors and community leaders can use to help individuals identify and navigate pathways to good jobs and to advance their careers.  

Dissecting Data: What Numbers Say About Houston's Recovery & How ...

Parker Harvey, principal economist for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board and Workforce Solutions, shares labor market data including job recovery, the establishment of new businesses during the COVID-19 pande...


Pathways to Better Opportunity: How Employers Can Support Workfor...

Business leaders discuss strategies and approaches that support an inclusive economic and workforce recovery and the new job recovery initiative Houston Back on Track.


Understanding Today's Jobseekers: Insights into Motivations and A...

Personas can be powerful tools that help employers and organizations that provide skills training and other supports understand today’s jobseekers.


Gateways to Career Exploration & Pathways

Bryant Black, the Greater Houston Partnership's director of regional workforce development, and guests Victoria Chen, co-founder and executive director of BridgeYear, and Laura Chrisco Brennan, director of...


Talent and Opportunity Grows Here

How do Community based organizations feed the talent pipeline? Mary Silbert, Northwest Assistance Ministries learning center director; Samantha Sherman, Wesley Community Center chief program officer; and E...


Upskilling, Reskilling & New TWC Workforce Funding

The Texas Workforce Commission's Courtney Arbour and Dale A. Robertson discuss with the Partnership’s Peter Beard funding available for skills development training programs and for individuals who want t...


Economic Insights & Workforce Challenges Revisited

Gulf Coast Workforce Board Principal Economist Parker Harvey shares insights into May and June labor market data for the Greater Houston region.


Designing Virtual and Micro-Internships

Katherine Taylor of Genesys Works Houston, Jeffrey Moss of Parker Dewey LLC. and the Partnership's Peter Beard examine the value of remote and micro-internships for businesses and interns.


Insights Into Current & Future Workforce Challenges

Gulf Coast Workforce Board Principal Economist Parker Harvey and the Partnership's Peter Beard discuss the changing labor market due to COVID-19 along with current and future workforce challenges.


New Mission, Transferable Talent

Stephanie Drake, of NextOp Veterans, and Carla Thompson, of Turner Industries Group, discuss the transferable skills and experiences that military veterans bring to the civilian workforce.


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